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Realizational Studies: June Mini-Course



The New York State Education Department has approved this course for contact hours (CEUs) for LMSWs and LCSWs. A certificate will be emailed upon request to those who attend all sessions, complete an evaluation and pay an administrative fee of $5. There is no charge for those affiliated with MITPP, MCMH or MSPP.




Instructor: Seiso Paul Cooper, Sensei, LP
The British psychoanalyst, Wilfred Bion (1897-1979) and the Soto Zen master, Eihei Dogen (1200-1253), were both highly creative thinkers whose works share many areas of overlap. Both exerted a radical impact on their respective disciplines. Despite the highly regarded philosophical and theoretical complexity of their ideas, they both strived to strengthen and deepen experiential realizational practice with an insistent emphasis on the present moment that are directly applicable to contemporary clinical work. This course includes meditation exercises and practical discussions viewed through the point of view provided by these two perspectives. People from all meditative backgrounds – experienced or with little or no experience- are welcome.

Participants will:

1) Learn two Zen meditation styles and understand the theoretical and philosophical background of each,

2) Identify two similarities and two differences between Bion’s technical recommendations and Dogen’s instructions for meditation,

3) Demonstrate two explicit methods and two implicit methods for integrating Zen practice and teachings into clinical technique.

Seiso, Paul Cooper, Sensei, Director and head teacher: Two Rivers Zen Community; member:  American Zen Teacher’s Association; Ordained Soto Zen priest and transmitted teacher in the lineage of Dainin Katagiri;  Practicing psychoanalyst ; Former Deanof Training at NPAP,; senior member, traning analyst, faculty and supervisor at NPAP, IEA & HFI; Award-winning author and poet, including The Zen Impulse and the Psychoanalytic Encounter.

TUESDAYS, JUNE 14, 21, 28           7:00 PM – 8:30 PM                              4.5 Contact Hours     FEE: $75
145 East 35th Street, #5FE (between Lexington and 3rd Avenues)


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