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“Autumn Equinox” Zazenkai, Sunday, November 3rd, 2019 , 7:45 A.M. – 4:00 P.M. 

Come together with like-minded individuals to enjoy a day of peaceful, relaxing silence. Step away from your day-to-day stress during these uncertain times. Feel the shared peace evoked by “Great Silence,” and join us for “Zazenkai” and  a Celebration of Autumn Equinox and practice period Sunday, November 3rd at Two Rivers Zen Community, 76 Main St., Narrowsburg, N.Y. A nutritious vegetarian meal and Afternoon Tea are included. 


Full & Half Day Meditation Retreats

Zazenkai literally means “coming together for zazen” and consists of a daylong retreat devoted to practice, with Great Silence observed throughout the day. This is an opportunity to intensify and deepen practice and settle the mind in a supportive group setting through the experience of periods of uninterrupted meditation (zazen), walking meditation (kinhin), a dharma talk or seminar, service, mindful work practice, meals, and optional one-to-one practice meetings with a teacher. Newcomer’s orientation and instructions are available.


Fee: $35 Formal Members: $25
Half Day: Morning or Afternoon: $20
Includes lunch, coffee, tea
Limited enrollment. Register at the Zendo or by mail:*
Check or Money Order payable to TRZC
Mailing Address: P.O. Box 405, Narrowsburg, N.Y. 12764
* Full or Part-Time participation is available upon request
For part-time registration please indicate morning or afternoon session.
Basic Schedule [Subject to Variation]

AutumnEquinox Zazenkai

November 3, 2019

 Typical Schedule (Subject to Slight Variation)

7:45:   Zendo Opens

8:00     Informal Tea & Coffee

8:20     Zendo Entry Bell & Jundo

8:30     Moving Meditation

8:50     Zazen

9:15     Rapid Kinhin

9:25     Zazen

9:50     Formal Service

10:20     Zazen

10:55   Kinhin

11:05     Zazen

11:30     Coffee & Tea Break

11:45     Dharma Talk: Q & A

12:20     Zazen

12:45       Lunch, Self-clean-up, rest period

1:25:       Zazen

1:50       Ennmei Jukku Kannon Gyo 27X

2:15:     Zazen

2:40     Samu Work Practice- Set-up

3:00:     Buddha’s Birthday Celebration

3:30:     Counsel & Closing

4:00       Clean-up & Departure


Reservations or Questions: Use comment box below
Two Rivers Zen Community
76 Main St., Narrowsburg, N.Y.
Mailing Address: TRZC, P.O. Box 405, Narrowsburg, N.Y. 12764
  1. Sign me up! Will bring check Sunday.
    Best, JF

  2. marlena rosnel permalink

    can I come just for Buddhas birthday celebration? I am coming up to visit. I used to live in Narrowsburg

    • Seiso Sensei permalink

      Dear Marlene,

      This event is not Buddha’s Birthday, which was on April 8. This event, Zazenkai, this coming Saturday is a one-day retreat and includes: meditation, sutra recitation, dharma talk, tea, lunch.
      You are welcome to join us for all or part of the day if you would like to sign up, let us know.

      Seiso Paul Cooper, Sensei

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