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  1. Hi.
    I new a man in Honesdale named Leonard who stayed at the Wayne Hotel.
    He looked a lot like Leonard Cohen. He was my buddy for a short time. Is he the same person? Did Leonard Cohen ever live in Honesdale?
    I didn’t know of the musician at that time.
    I remember his email was something like painintheass@

    Thank you.

    • Seiso Sensei permalink

      I don’t know if he ever visited or lived in Honesdale.

      • Did Leonard Cohen live in Pa?
        Why did you have a vigil?
        Did you know him?

  2. Hi,
    My name is Mike. I’ve been practicing (very much alone, too much alone) for the last twenty years.
    I learned what practice is at The New Orleans Zen Temple back in 1997. I was too ignorant at the time to understand the value of my experience there.
    I live almost two hours away from Narrowsburg. I am interested in finding out about what happens at Two Rivers. Is it possible I could talk to someone on the phone just to get a sense of what the practice is like there at Two Rivers?

    • Seiso Sensei permalink

      Hi Mike, Basically, you can get a sense of what happens at TRZC is to click on This Month on the website, and for more details click on “Sunday Programs” I’d be happy to arrange a phone conversation with you. Simply send your phone number by email to Include inyour email the best times to reach you.

      Thank you for your query and remember: “Just keep practicing, no matter what!”

      Seiso, Sensei

      • Thank you for replying.
        I sent an email with my phone number. The subject of the email will appear in your inbox as “Mike (the guy who sent a message on the contact page).”

  3. Greetings. I’ve just returned from the retreat at Garrison over the w/e, and want to extend my sincerest and heartiest appreciation and gratitude to the teachers and dogen (?) and all of my co-participants. Truly remarkable.

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