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Silent Sunday

To open your innate nature and to feel something from the bottom of your heart, it is necessary to remain silent. Through this kind of practice you will have a more intuitive understanding of the teaching. Not to talk does not mean to be deaf and dumb, but to listen to your intuition

~Shunryu Suzuki

Simply Silent Sunday Sitting   9:25 – 11:45

If you are an experienced meditator or a beginner and would like to practice within a supportive group environment; or, if  you are interested in Zen Buddhist meditation, but not the religious services or teachings; or even if you are not interested in Buddhism but you are interested in meditation, then Simply Silent Sunday Sitting might just be perfect for you.

Two Rivers Zen Community offers this practice monthly and all are welcome to join in for part or all of the program. Check our monthly schedule for current dates. “This Month”

Although the sitting cushions are old, they show new impressions.”  ~Eihei Dogen

This monthly program is intended to intensify our zazen practice by coming together for extended group zazen [Zen meditation]. This half-day sitting session includes three 25 minute periods of zazen (seated meditation); 5 minute periods of kinhin (walking meditation) and samu [work practice]. The practice is conducted in silence and there will be no dharma talk or service. The morning concludes with a brief closing gatha. Silent extended practice serves to heighten our awareness, deepen practice and to feel the strength of group practice.  Everyone is encouraged to  participate for the entire session, but you are welcome to join us for any part of the day.  [For current date: “This Month”]

[See entry schedule below]


9:00:           Instructions & Orientation [By prior arrangement]

9:25:            Zendo entry bell

9:30:            Zazen

9:55:            Kinhin

10:00:          Zazen

10:25:           Kinhin

10:30:           Samu

10:55             Kinhin

11:00:            Zazen

11:25:            Zendo Closing

Entry Schedule:

9:00 Orientation for Newcomers

9:15 -9:25

9:25: Zendo Entry Bell


Suggested Donation for drop-in’s $10



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