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Newcomer’s Orientation

Two Rivers Zen Community requests that all newcomer’s, whether experienced or completely new to Zen practice to participate in an orientation session. We offer Zen meditation instructions and Zendo form orientation to newcomers or to anyone who would like to refresh or fine-tune their understanding and deepen their practice. These sessions are offered on Sundays at 9:00 by prior appointment. They take about 30 minutes and participants are invited to attend all Two Rivers Zen Community public programs upon attendance.

To make a reservation, simply comment on the blog below. Please make sure to include your email address with your request. You will receive an email confirmation

We hope to see you at TRZC

SZBA LOGO                                                             CHOP TRZC

  1. Lynn Colleran permalink

    2 would like to attend the beginners instruction this Sunday April 9, 2017 at 9 am

  2. Kevin Raymond permalink

    Please Place me on the email list

    • Seiso Sensei permalink

      Dear Kevin, Thank you for your interest in Two Rivers Zen Community. We’ll make sure to include in our email list.

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