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Wednesday Evening Dharma

New, Beginning Wednesday, June 2nd!

“Dragons, Conditionality, Dependent Arising, and Koan Study Group”

Facilitated by Kagayaki Karen Morris

Introduction to Yangshan’s “Mind and Environment”: “The ocean is the world of dragons—disappearing and appearing, they sport serenely.”

It is written in this koan, “This particular case is exactly the way a student enters the gate, where (s)he gains power.

Studying and practicing together is the Buddha way. Koan study is intended to aid in deepening our penetration into the Buddha Dharma. We will begin by reading Yangshan’s “Mind and Environment,” in conjunction with The Upanisa Sutta on Transcendental Dependent Arising.

Join us on the first Wednesday of each month for zazen, koan study and group discussion group, beginning Wednesday June 2, 2021. 7:30 – 8:40 PM (6:30 Central time).

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Mind & Environment Reading

Genjo-e Dogen Study Group

with Seiso Sensei

3rd Wednesday of the Month

The great truth of Buddhist patriarchs is exploration of the ultimate state through and through, is “there being no strings under the feet” and is “the appearance of clouds under the feet.” Still, although it is like this, “the opening of flowers is the occurrence of the world,” and “At this concrete place, I am always keen.” ~Eihei Dogen

Eihei Dogen’s Shobogenzo (True Dharma Eye) is a collection of teachings considered Dogen’s masterwork.

This series of presentations and discussions offers a detailed examination of the text, its philosophical origins and implications for formal practice and daily life.

In this series of monthly teachings, Seiso Sensei 

-will define the various terms that Dogen uses;

– will explore the concepts in the text;

– will explore  practical applications to deepen and fine-tune practice both on and off the cushion.

Current Reading: “Hensan” “Thorough Exploration”

All classes will be held via Zoom and begin with a period of zazen. Wednesday evenings 7:30- 8:40 P.M., New York time. (Zoom Zendo opens at 7:20 for fellowship. Please be seated and settled before 7:30)

All are welcome. Simply respond here to be placed on the invitation list.

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