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Dharma Talks

DOGEN IMAGEEihei Dogen (1200-1253)


Seiso Sensei offers a Dharma Talk on Dogen’s Bendowa or “Wholehearted Practice of the Way” (1231).

We at Two Rivers Zen Community practice at Bendowa Temple in Narrowsburg, N.Y. Our emphasis at Two Rivers, is on authentic and fully exerted practice rooted in the Soto Zen tradition founded by Eihei Dogen in the 13th Century. Our practice emphasis is reflected in the temple name: “Bendowa,” All are welcome to join us in the practice and study of the way.

Bendowa: Dharma Talk

Bodhidharma-987Bodhidharma 5th or 6th C.

Seiso Sensei offers a Dharma Talk on Bodhidharma’s Facing the Wall

Zen Buddhist discussion of resistances to depth meditation practice with reference to the old legend about Bodhidharma, the first ancestor of Zen in China who faced the wall in meditation for nine years

“Sitting Still, Still Running: Bodhidharma Faces the Wall”

Facing the Wall Dharma Talk

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