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Sunday On-Line


Over the peak spreading clouds,
At its source the river’s cold.
If you would see,
Climb the mountain top.

TRZC Offers Online Sunday Practice Sessions

Come join together as an online community of practitioners for:

Group Zazen (Zen Meditation), Heart Sutra, Dharma Talk or Reading & Discussion, Fellowship

This Sunday:

“Sangha Insight, Sangha Action” with Seiso Sensei
Zendo Opens: 9:20
Zazen Begins at 9:30
Heart Sutra: 9:55
Dharma Talk 10:05


9:25: Zoom Log-On & Informal Welcome

9:30-9:55: Zazen (Zen Silent Meditation)

9:55: Chant or Recitation by Presenter

10:00-10:05: Break

10:05-10:35: Dharma Talk or Reading and Discussion

10:40: Announcements & Closing

All welcome.

To Participate:

or simply leave a message with your name and email address here
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