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Sunday On-Line


“If a human being, even for a single moment, manifests the Buddha’s posture . . . 

while [that person] sits up straight in samādhi, the entire world of Dharma

assumes the Buddha’s posture and the whole of space becomes the state of

realization.” (Eihei Dogen, Bendowa)

New!  Beginning Sunday, May 31

TRZC Offers Online Sunday Practice Sessions

Come join together as an online community of practitioners for:

Group Zazen (Zen Meditation), Heart Sutra, Dharma Talk or Reading & Discussion, Fellowship


5/31:    “Simple Joys, Dharma Gates All” with Kyoshin Penelope Lohr

6/7:      “I Don’t Know Either” with Myoki Marcia Nehemiah

6/14:    “TBA” with Ben Levanduski

6/21:    “When there is No One Else Around to Take my Selfie: Self Representation in Dreams in Dogen’s Muchu Setsumu” with Kagayaki Karen Morris

6/28:    “Expounding the Dharma with this Body” with Myoki Marcia Nehemiah

7/12:    “Elegant Simplicity” with Seiso Sensei

7/19:    “Clarify Your Aspiration” with Ben Levanduski

7/26:   “Poetics, The Buddhist Great Matter of Birth and Death in Dogen’s Shoji” with Kagayaki Karen Morris.

8/2:     “I Just Got One Job” with Kyoshin Lohr

8/9:      “Intention Attention” with Myoki Marcia Nehemiah

8/16:     “What’s the Story” with J.F. Shaw

8/23:     “Practice Unconditional Follow-Through with Ben Levanduski 

8/30:     “Word Games: What is Zazen?” with Seiso Sensei

9/6:        “Bodhisattva Vow” with Myoki Marcia Nehemiah

9/13:     “Never Abdicate Your Authority” with Ben Levanduski.


9:25: Zoom Log-On & Informal Welcome

9:30-9:55: Zazen (Zen Silent Meditation)

9:55: Chant or Recitation by Presenter

10:00-10:05: Break

10:05-10:35: Dharma Talk or Reading and Discussion

10:40: Announcements & Closing

All welcome.

To Participate:

or simply leave a message with your name and email address here
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