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TRZC Donations

Two Rivers Zen Community, the sole Soto Zen Buddhist practice center in the Upper Delaware River valley, offers practice in zazen (silent meditation) under the guidance of fully transmitted teacher, Seiso Paul Cooper, Sensei. All weekly programs, unless otherwise noted, are open to all at no fee. Donations are welcome, but voluntary. In addition to a weekly schedule of sittings and dharma talks, TRZC offers online classes, retreats, special events and workshops. Past special events have included: Zen Arts Workshops and Classes, Zen Buddhist psychology, theory and practice, poetry readings, special guest presentations and movie nights.

Our River Rocks sangha relies on the financial support and generosity of its practitioners and friends. There are many ways you can help us meet the basic costs of running our temple, Bendowa (Wholehearted Practice of the Way), to guarantee that our doors stay open for for all who come to practice.

Donations & Registrations:  TRZC, 3 hilltop Road, P.O. Box 35, Tyler Hill, PA, 18469

Online Donations to TRZC: Paypal to:

Donations and communications to Seiso Roshi: P.O. Box 58, Barre, Vt. 05641

Online Donations To Seiso Roshi: Paypal, Venmo or Zelle to

Contact us Here or by email:
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