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On-Line Class Offerings

Just Sitting: The Heart of Zen

 Shikantaza (Just Sitting) Zazen is the core practice in the Soto Zen School. Course participants will engage in a systematic and comprehensive study of this core Zen practice. The course integrates practice and Zen theory but will emphasize the practical through selected readings, weekly on-line discussions led by Seiso, Sensei and through offering clear, concise, concrete   suggestions for working through difficulties and deepening personal practice that derive from the extensive Zen literature. [Readings to be assigned. Class limited to 8 participants]

Two Rivers Home

Realizing the Ox: Talks on the Ten Ox Herding Pictures

 Created by 12th-century Chinese master Guo-an Shi-yuan, the 10 oxherding pictures, and accompanying poems function to graphically portray the path of enlightenment from the Zen Buddhist perspective. Seiso Sensei will facilitate a discussion that views this series from the realizational perspective of Soto Zen with practical significance for engendering personal growth and for exercising wisdom and compassion for self and others in everyday life. [Readings to be assigned. Class limited to 8 participants]

Bhavachakra: The Wheel of Life & Death​

The “Wheel” functions as a pictorial representation of cyclic existence or “samsara.” It is comprised of a series of concentric circles that detail how the mind is structured and functions. It serves as a template for mapping out and understanding internal mental processes, the range of emotional and psychological states that contribute to our sense of identity and their behavioral manifestations that can contribute to identifying both internal and relational causes of suffering and their antidotes, which in turn expands our awareness and choices that in turn can contribute to compassionate and constructive responses to self and others. ​[Readings to be assigned. Class limited to 8 participants]



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