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Movie Night

Movie Night at Two Rivers Zen Community:

Enlightenment Guaranteed

                                            Friday, February 9th, 7 P.M.                                                                              76 Main St., 2nd fl., Narrowsburg, NY

This is the perfect film to set the record straight on all of our pre-established notions about Zen Buddhism. We’ve seen and heard “Zen” being used for just about everything from posh high-rise condos “Zen living”, to spa treatments, to soap and beer. What is it about Zen that appeals to the masses without ever having to sit down on one of those funny shaped black mushroom cushions? And what’s with all that bowing? What do this 13th-century religion and monastic lifestyle have to offer us today as it expounds “The Great Matter” of life and death and everything in between? This film takes us on an incredibly serious and hilarious journey to Japan, to find out. Bring your own questions for discussion afterward, and find your own answers. Guaranteed.

Free popcorn! 



Enlightenment Guaranteed is as funny as it is nourishing. Director Doris Dorrie tackles with humor and compassion the vicissitudes that can beset ordinary guys. Her shift in tone from the comic to the serious is exceptional here in its ease and in its depth and scope.” ~Jan Stuart, N.Y. Times  

Donations gratefully accepted and apply to the running of
Two Rivers Zendo
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