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Lincoln Zen Center Schuyler Retreat

Sesshin: Friday – Sunday: August 5 – 7, 2016

 St. Benedict Center , 1126 Rd I, Schuyler, NE


Are we allowed to talk on the retreat?

All of our retreats are conducted in silence unless otherwise specified. This supports your meditation practice by limiting distraction. The timekeeper and retreat leaders will speak when they need to direct you. And of course the teacher will be giving Dharma Talks as well as opportunities to participate in discussions and one-on-one private interviews (Dokusan)related to the retreat topic. When other communication is necessary, short handwritten notes are allowed, or you may speak quietly to one of the retreat leaders who will be identified during the orientation & introductions.

Do I have to follow the retreat schedule?

Yes, if you come on retreat, you are expected to follow the schedule. The environment and schedule are carefully planned to provide all participants with the best possible conditions for perfecting their practice. Ample break-time is included in the schedule From morning till night, you know exactly where you are supposed to be and what you should be doing. This frees you to focus your full attention and energy on your practice.

Why are there so many rules on retreats?

The rules or etiquette are designed to enhance deepened moment-to-moment awareness both on and off the meditation cushion (zafu) and to maintain a harmonious atmosphere in support of intense meditation practice. The environment and schedule are carefully planned to provide all retreatants with the best possible conditions for perfecting their practice.

Is there a dress code for retreats?

Wear loose and comfortable clothing suitable for meditation. Elastic-waist pants are most suitable. (Jeans are not a good choice, since they can constrict the waist and chafe the thighs and the backs of the knees when sitting for long periods in meditation.) Please wear muted colors and avoid eye-catching t-shirts, bright-colored clothing, tank tops or shorts and do not wear cosmetics, perfumes or colognes.

What to bring on retreats?

Bring your own toiletry items and a personal alarm clock or device.

Can I bring my own cushion?

Cushions and chairs for sitting meditation are provided based on your registration requests. You are welcome to bring your personal cushion or bench if you prefer; please be sure your personal item is carefully marked with your name.

What about meals?

All meals served at the retreat center will be taken in silence. Once we are all seated, the Tenzo will guide the sangha in meal offering chants.

Basic Schedule: [Subject to minor changes]

Friday, August 5th

5:00    Set-up and informal time (Optional)

6:15    Dinner & Free Time (Optional)

Formal Silent Retreat Opening

7:15    Zendo Entry & Orientation

7:45    Zazen

8:10    Kinhin

8:20    Zazen

8:45    Evening Gatha

8:50     Formal Exit, Zendo Closing

Saturday, August 6th

6:30    Zendo Entry Bell

6:35    Jundo & Zazen

7:00    Kinhin

7:05    Zazen

7:30    Breakfast & Silent Rest

8:25    Zendo entry bell

8:30    Zazen

9:00    Kinhin

9:10    Zazen

9:40    Service

10:10  Break & Stretch

10:20  Dharma Talk

11:10  Break

11:20   Zazen

11:50   Midday Service

12:00  Lunch & Silent Rest

1:55 Zendo entry Bell

2:00 Zazen

2:30 Kinhin

2:40 Zazen

3:10 Dharma Q & A, Discussion

4:00 Break

4:15   Yoga

5:00   Zazen

5:25   Kinhin

5:30   Zazen

5:55   Dinner & Silent Rest

7:30    Zendo Entry Bell

7:35    Zazen

8:05    Sui Zen [Shakuhachi Meditation]

8:35    Evening Gatha & Formal Exit

Sunday, August 7th

6:30    Zendo Entry Bell

6:35    Jundo & Zazen

7:00    Tai Chi

7:25    Breakfast & Silent Rest

8:30    Zazen

8:55    Dharma Talk

9:30    Room Clean-up & Exit

10:30  Zazen

10:55 Council [Group Sharing]

11:30  Formal Closing Ceremony

11:45 Break Down & Pack Up Zendo [Optional]

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