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Dharma Book Sale

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Two Rivers Zen Community’s First Annual Dharma Book Sale

Saturday, December 2nd  Noon – 3:00 P.M. at Two Rivers Zen Community

76 Main St. 2nd Floor, Narrowsburg, N.Y.

Book Sale List

 Three Stones Press Titles All 40% off list price for single copies.                                                                                                 50% off for 3 or more copies of a single title:

 Still Standing: Three Stones Haiku by Seiso Paul Cooper  List $10

Single $6.00   Multiple $5.00

 Cataclysm and Other Arrangements, By: Kagayaki Karen Morris  $18 List

Single $10.80   Multiple $9.00

Rage: The Misery of Men:: Hope: The Dawning of Men. Poetry by Kagayaki Karen Morris, Illustrations by John Tomlinson.    List $15.00

Single $9.00  Multiple $7.50

Solitary Moon: New Waka By Seiso Paul Cooper,  List $15.00

Single $ 9.00  Multiple $7.50

All Three Stones Press Titles support TRZC. Buy multiple copies. Great price, great gifts for the holidays, personally signed by authors.

 The following titles are available first come, first serve.  Most are discounted 50% or more off Amazon prices. Some rare first editions

All Three Stones Press Titles support TRZC. Buy multiple copies. Great price, great gifts for the holidays, personally signed by authors.

Order by email to reserve your titles. Pick up at Zendo.                                                      Long-distance sales shipping cost to be determined.                                                    Payment: cash [pick up only], check Money Order, venmo or paypal. 

 Additional Books, ritual items, antique statues and scrolls to be offered soon.

77 Dances: Japanese Calligraphy by Poets, Monks and Scholars, Stephan Addiss [Hardcover] $10.00

Buddhism: A Way of Life and Thought, Nancy Wilson Ross   $3.00

Contemplation and Action in World Religions, Y. Ibish & I. Marculescu $3.00

Compassion & Meditation: The Spiritual Dynamic Between Buddhism & Christianity, J. LeLoup $2.00

The Tantric Distinction, Jeffrey Hopkins $2.00

Introduction to Buddhist Tantric Systems, F. Lessing & A. Wayman $10.00

A Dose of Emptiness, J. Cabezon $10.00

Afterzen: Experiences of a Zen Student Out on His Ear. J. van de Wetering $1.00

The Principles of Buddhist Psychology, D. Kalupahana $10.00

Mind in Buddhist Psychology, H. Guenther & L. Kawamura $1.00

Seeking the Heart of Wisdom: The Path of Insight Meditation, J. Goldstein & J. Kornfield $2.00

The Heart of Buddhist Meditation, N. Thera $4.00

Mindfulness in Plain English, B. H. Gunaratana $4.00    Sold

Zen Mind, Beginner’s Mind, S. Suzuki $4.00 Sold

Verses from the Center: A Buddhist Vision of the Sublime, S. Batchelor $3.00

Beyond Sanity and Madness: The Way of Zen Master Dogen, D. Merzel $2.00

Zen Confidential: Confessions of a Wayward Monk, S. Haubner $2.00

Zen Therapy: Transcending the Sorrows of the Human Mind, D. Brazier $5.00

The Lion’s Roar: Actualizing Buddhism in Daily Life & Building the Pure Land in our Midst,
Hsing Yun [Hardcover] $4.00

Zen and the Sutras, Albert Low $3.00

Hokku: Writing Traditional Haiku in English, D. Coomler $2.00

Attunement Through the Body, S. Nagatomo $9.00

Points of Departure: Zen Buddhism with a Rinzai View, E. Shimano [Hardcover, Rare ] $50

[Paper $12].

Rational Zen, T. Cleary $6.00

Essays in Idleness, Kenko, Trans. D. Keene $4.00

Toward a Philosophy of Zen Buddhism, T. Izutsu $8.00

Stopping & Seeing: A Comprehensive Course in Buddhist Meditation: Trans. T. Cleary $4.00

Buddhism & Modernity, J. Park $5.00

The Golden Age of Zen, J. Wu $2.00

Bankei Zen, P. Haskel $2.00

On Knowing Reality, Trans & Commentary, J. Willis $5.00

Receiving the Marrow: Teachings on Dogen by Zen Women Priests, Ed. F. Carney $5.00

My American Zen Life, G Wick $7.00

Unsui: A Diary of Zen Monastic Life, E. Nishimura $3.00

Mountain Record of Zen Talks, Daido Loori $3.00

Treasury of Dharma, Geshe Rabten $2.00

A History of Buddhist Philosophy, David Kalupahana $15.00

Openness Mind, Tarthang Tulka $8.00

Understanding the Mind, Geshe Kalsang Gyatso $1.00

Dependent –Arising and Emptiness, Elizabeth Napper [Hardcover] $15

Emptiness Yoga, Jeffrey Hopkins [Hardcover] $17.00

Points of Departure, [Paperback], Eido Shimano $10.00

Opening the Eye of New Awareness, Dalai Lama $5.00

The Great Path of Awakening, Jamgon Kongtrul $2.00

A Guide to the Bodhisattva Way of Life, V. Wallace & B. Wallace $5.00

Knowledge and Liberation, Anne Klein $4.00

Tantric Practice in Nying-Ma, Khetsun Sangpo $5.00

Elaborations on Emptiness: Uses of the Heart Sutra, Donald Lopez $10.00

Samatha Meditation, B. Alan Wallace $4.00

Tibetan Tradition of Mental Development, Geshe Ngawang Dhargyey [Hardcover] $8.00

All is Change: The Two Thousand Year Journey of Buddhism to the West, Lawrence Sutin [Hardcover] $4.00

Bringing Zen Home: The Healing Heart of Japanese Women’s Rituals, Paula Arai [Hardcover] $20.00

Crazy Clouds: Zen Radicals, Rebels & Reformers, P. Besserman & M. Steger $5.00

Working Emptiness, Newman R Glass $9.00

The Issue at Hand: Essays on Buddhist Mindfulness Practice, Gil Fronsdal $2.00

An Introduction to the Buddhist Canon, Bukkyo Kyokai $4.00

Most Intimate: A Zen Approach to Life’s Challenges, Enkyo O’Hara $3.00

Selected Taishos on the Gateless Gate, Yamakawa Sogen [Hardcover] $13.00

Introduction to Tantra: A Vision on Totality, Lama Yeshe, $1.00

The Zen Path Through Depression, Phillip Martin $6.00

The Ceasing of Notions: An Early Zen Text from the Dunhuang Caves, Soko Morinaga $7.00

The Three Pillars of Zen, Phillip Kapleau $5.00

Zen and the Birds of Appetite, Thomas Merton $3.00

The Tao of Pooh, Benjamin Hoff $4.00 Sold

Everyday Zen, Charlotte Joko Beck $1.00 Sold

A Zen Life of Dialogue, Masao Abe $6.00

Wild Ivy: The Spiritual Autobiography of Zen Master Hakuin, Norman Waddell $4.00

Buddha: The Intelligent Heart, Alistair Shearer $2.00

The Record of Tung-shan. Trans: William Powell $10.00

Invoking Reality: Moral & Ethical Teachings of Zen, John Daido Loori $6.00

The Eye Never Sleeps: Striking to the Heart of Zen, Dennis Genpo Merzel $3.00

The One Who is not Busy, Darlene Cohen $4.00 [Hardcover]

Hakuin on Kensho: The Four Ways of Knowing, Albert Low $5.00

The Life-Changing Magic of Tidying Up, Marie Kondo $4.00 [Hardcover]

Interbeing, Thich Nhat Hanh $5.00

The Five Houses of Zen, Thomas Cleary $6.00

Awesome Nightfall, The Life, Times and Poetry of Saigyo, William LaFleur $6.00

Nine Gates: Entering the Mind of Poetry, Jane Hirshfield $4.00

Zen and the Art of Pottery, Kenneth Beittel $3.00

Zen is for Everyone, Zhi Yi $20.00

Zen of Four Seasons: Dogen Zenji’s Waka, Shohaku Okumura [Rare, Limited Edition, Traditional Japanese handbound, collector’s item, signed by Shohaku Okumura] $65.00

The Buddhist Priest Myoe: A Life of Dreams, Hayao Kawai [Hardcover, Rare] $75.00
Amazon price: $125 – $645] Sold

Inner Work: Using Dreams and Active Imagination for Personal Growth, Robert Johnson $1.00

Man’s Search for Ultimate Meaning: A Psychological Exploration of the Religious Quest, Victor Frankl [Hardcover] $5.00

Philosophical Psychopathology, G. Graham & G. Stephens $3.00

Zen Sand: The Book of Capping Phrases for Koan Practice, Victor Sogen Hori [Hardcover, Rare] $35.00

Lankavatara Sutra, D.T. Suzuki [Hardcover] $20.00

Shattering the Great Doubt, Sheng Yen $8.00

How to Train a Wild Elephant and Other Adventures in Mindfulness, Chozen Bays, Roshi $5.00

The Middle Length Discourses of the Buddha: A Translation of the Majjhima Nikaya, Bhikkhu Nanamoli, Bhikku Bodhi [Hardcover, brand new] $30.00


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